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Espresso, The New Trend To Improve Efficiency At Work

You will hardly find one who does not heard about Espresso or have not experienced it yet. This is concentrated coffee drink which is prepared using the espresso machines. This is actually the name of the preparation method. But the method became so popular that we are calling the drink made from this machine as Espresso, as if this is the name of the drink.

The espresso guide will reveal a number of health benefits.

This concentrated version contains very low calories, (3 calories per cup) another major reason why people across the world fallen in love with it.

In many researches it is found that one can get several benefits if consume this on daily basis. So, if your morning routine includes it mandatorily, you don’t need to feel any guilt about it. Instead you are doing something good for yourself without even knowing about it. Isn’t that great?

Rich In Antioxidants

It contains antioxidants that help to strengthen our immune system. Apart from this, it reduces the risk of Cirrhosis of liver significantly and heart disease.

Boost Up Long-Term Memory

The espresso guides also inform us about the study of a team of neuroscientists along with work productivity, from the University of California. They observed that regular consumption of this beverage improves the functionality of our brain, leading to an improved long-term memory.

Enhances Concentration

This is an amazing benefit it provides that we all look for. If you consume coffee daily, you will remain more active mentally. Your concentration power will improve and as a consequence your productivity. After having this in every morning, you will be ready to kick-start your day on a positive note.

If you don’t consume this, take it as an experiment. Start consuming every morning and notice the change in a few weeks. You will feel energized and motivated to struggle with any adverse situation.

It helps to relieve your tiredness.

Cravings For Food Gets Reduced

It reduces the urge for eating food which is beneficial for the obese persons and who are trying to lose weight. The caffeine present in coffee delays your next meal. So, it’s a both ways benefit. Less number of meal means less calorie intake and espresso shot is low in calorie, it keeps you active and energized without weight gain.

A 3-6mg of caffeine per kg of your body weight will show this benefit.

The Thermogeneic  Effect

Daily caffeine intake helps to burn 80-110 calories per day which is an excellent health benefit among the others. Caffeine boosts up the thermogenesis, a heat generation process in human body and causes calorie burn and contributes to the loss of weight.

You will be able to release 80-150 calories per day if you consume 100mg of coffee daily. This is an easy way to prevent gain of weight.

Helps To Prevent Prostate Cancer

An article came up in an Italian journal that says three-four cups of coffee a day helps to reduce the risk of prostate cancer by more than 50%. This is an amazing espresso guides to fight against dreadful disease.

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